Bible Reading and Study

This fast and powerful app lets you read and search the Bible on the go and allows you to sync notes and highlights with Accordance on your Mac. Best of all, its completely free.

The Accordance app makes it easy to view a commentary or study notes in parallel with your Bible or to compare two Bible translations side by side. You can tap on a word in your Bible to learn more about the original Greek or Hebrew, and then tap again to look up the word in a dictionary.

Capable of running your Accordance modules, as well as giving you many of Accordance’s impressive search and study functions, this brilliant application will revolutionize your Bible study on-the-go.

Bible Study with Accordance Version 2.0 is now available with major new features and updated Help pages. Watch the new podcast.

Convenience, speed and privacy are maximized; there is no need to be on-line to use it. Once you download your modules to your mobile device, you can search and read your modules and edit your notes off-line. Dig into the Bible, compare multiple translations, look up original Greek and Hebrew words, access your Bible reference library, broaden or narrow seaches, dive into the original launguages and benefit from the very best in Biblical scholarship and software design.

The application adapts to both the iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s smaller screens, as well as the iPad’s larger screen. Other than that, the application is identical on all devices. However, you can look forward to iPad specific advancements soon!

Accordance for the iPhone/iPad allows you to bring the elegant interface, powerful features and remarkable capabilities of your Accordance software with you wherever you go. Core features of Accordance, such as simple search commands, grammatical searching, amplifying, and instant parsing can now be accessed on your mobile device. Simply download your modules, and continue your study using Accordance’s unique searching capacity whether you are on a trip, waiting for a lecture to begin, or simply standing in a long line. Or, look up Bible verses and access commentaries and lexicons while in class, chatting with friends, or in the midst of a theological discussion.

Click on images or here to check out the app!


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