I learned a long time ago that I am very visual when it comes to my learning style.  That overflows into what I read.  If the blog, magazine, poster, etc. has good visuals, I’ll probably be more interested and read it.  So why wouldn’t the same be true about content I share?

I found Haiku Deck a few years ago and have been using it as a presentation tool.  However, I have really benefited from the gallery of decks that have been created, and have even had the chance to have some of my decks featured in both the “featured” and “popular” galleries.

So, now there is an easy way to find content I have shared with lots of pictures and images.  I will do my best to keep adding links to my decks here.  And let me encourage you to check out Haiku Deck, both for the galleries of inspiration and for the opportunity you have to create some inspirational content of your own!


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