iOS App that is both MindMap and Draw/Sketch/Doodle

Looking for an iPad app…

I want to be able to create mind maps where I can use my stylus to draw images or write words.

But then I want them to be movable while staying attached. I have a great mind mapping app but it is lacking in the drawing ability.

I have a great notebook app for hand-drawn I ages and words but it lacks in mind-mapping.

I would think by now there is an app that can combine these into one…but I can’t find one. And I have viewed and tried a ton of apps.

I’ll post my favorites below so you can see what I’m talking about.

But I’m looking to you – social media, internet, and developers – to be my heroes and find or create this app!

My favorite notebook, hand-drawn notes and sketches and doodles app: Noteshelf 2 by Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd.

My favorite mind mapping app: MindNode 5 by IdeasOnCanvas GmbH

Article Links for Technology and Trends in Preteen Ministry

I recently wrote an article for K! Magazine about Technology and Trends related to Preteen Ministry. Because of the subject matter, there were a ton of links to online resources. So, here is the list of links. As soon as the magazine issue is published, I’ll link to it here so you can read the article that goes with these links.

Video Resources

Worship Videos

Bible Apps

Mirror Content to Projector



Learn from the Schools


Virtual Assistants


Autumn Rain

Photo is Rain Water Drops on Car Glass Windscreen Grass by Iwan Gabovitch • Use under Creative Commons License •