Creative Faith-Based Conversations for Thanksgiving, Part 2

(This is the second in a series of four posts.  See the original post here.)

2. Second, the family: Thanksgiving is full of family and loved ones gathering around for fellowship, remembering what God has done, and breaking bread together.

That sounds a lot like life in the
early church, specifically Acts 2:37-47. What a great chance to introduce your kids to the heart of the early church!

You could play Family Tree bingo where the kids have to match up names of family members with who belongs in each family.

Since the believers in Acts were so thankful, take a moment before praying for the meal and ask every family member to share one thing they are thankful for this year. (This would be a great addition to your family pre-meal prayers on a regular basis.)

If your family has had a recent death, divorce, job loss or family tragedy, this is also a good time of year to talk about how God can comfort us when we are in the midst of pain. A reference to Matthew 5:4 would fit this kind of conversation.


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Weekend Review: April 26-27, 2014

Usually, this is the type of post I limit to the ministry blogs for each ministry I lead.  I wanted to get this out here as well.  You can see what we taught our preteens and middle schoolers this week.  Then, to keep up on these teachings and other bits of fun and practical information, you can follow the ministry specific blogs:


If you’d like to see a copy of the presentation from this weekend’s lesson on John 11, follow this link:

If you’d like to see the teaching notes that go with the presentation, follow this link:

My hope is that sharing these resources with you helps your family having spiritual conversations that wall this weekend’s teaching into your everyday life with your child(ren)!


fifty-six Blog (for the 5th-6th grade student ministry of Mount Pleasant Christian Church):

seventy8 Blog (for the 7th-8th grade student ministry of Mount Pleasant Christian Church):

Resources for Parents of Teenagers

Usually, I am in conversations with parents of preteens and early adolescents.  Since April, as I’ve been lending a hand with our church’s high school ministry, I’ve had more conversations with parents of teens.  That really means I’ve been asked a lot of questions about resources for helping them be better parents of teens and especially better Christian parents of teens.

So, I know there’s a ton of people out there who have read books I have only seen, used or ignored tips in parenting their own teens, and who know of resources like books, blogs, sites, etc. that I have never seen.  So, I’d like you to look over my suggested list of resources below for parents of teens, (specifically 14-18 year olds in high school).  Give me some feedback and/or suggest resources you recommend to parents of teens whether you are a parent, pastor, teacher or just a really smart person when it comes to parenting.  (This includes promoting your own site or blog if you focus on helping parents of teens.)

Then, when I get asked the question, I can send parents to this post where they will not only see my suggestions, but your comments and suggestions as well!  THANKS!

(Yes, I’ll do similar posts soon for parents of preteens and parents of middle schoolers.)

Mike’s Suggested Resources for Parents of Teenagers

Focus on the Family’s page of Parenting Teens Resources:


Jim Burns also has a great website full of resources:


Kevin Leman is one of my favorite authors for marriage and parenting.  Here is a great book from him you could work through:


I’ve heard some good stuff about this book, but haven’t read it myself yet:


For a short but very practical read, I recommend this whole series!  Very good stuff!
And, because you need a good laugh to help you know you are not alone, here is one of my favorite comics that looks at family life with teens: