Continuous Calendars – 2022 and 2022-2023 (Academic)

Jon Acuff has a “Finish” calendar where the week starts on Monday and the months connect – like they do in real life.

Since so much of ministry points towards the weekend, and since it’s a mind game to see calendars separately when they actually run right into each other, I created a version of this calendar in Numbers.

It’s an academic calendar that runs from June-May, like the school year.

Now, each year I start with a fresh one and plan out my year in ministry with this little tool.

I thought a few others might find it useful too, so I’m sharing it here as a little Christmas present to anyone who wants it.

After sharing this file on social media, I had requests for it for non-Apple users and for people who wanted a January-December version.

So, I created one document with three tabs.

There is one tab for each version of the calendar – annual year and academic year. And there is a third tab that has been filled in with sample details to give you an idea of how I have used it.

And I exported it from Numbers as an Excel file to make it as usable to as many people as possible.

Download whichever you want or both and customize it to make it your own.

This is the calendar I pull out for staff meetings, planning family events, and just about anything else.

I still use a calendar app.

But this – visually – has been extremely helpful and practical over the last few years.

Merry Christmas!

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