iOS App that is both MindMap and Draw/Sketch/Doodle

Looking for an iPad app…

I want to be able to create mind maps where I can use my stylus to draw images or write words.

But then I want them to be movable while staying attached. I have a great mind mapping app but it is lacking in the drawing ability.

I have a great notebook app for hand-drawn I ages and words but it lacks in mind-mapping.

I would think by now there is an app that can combine these into one…but I can’t find one. And I have viewed and tried a ton of apps.

I’ll post my favorites below so you can see what I’m talking about.

But I’m looking to you – social media, internet, and developers – to be my heroes and find or create this app!

My favorite notebook, hand-drawn notes and sketches and doodles app: Noteshelf 2 by Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd.

My favorite mind mapping app: MindNode 5 by IdeasOnCanvas GmbH

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