Creative Faith-Based Conversations for Thanksgiving, Part 4

(This is the fourth in a series of four posts.  See the original post here.)

4. Finally, the facts. Students may get some of this at church or school, but you can do a little research and talk about the original Thanksgiving.

The History Channel website has lots of good resources, including videos, you could watch to get informed or watch with your kids.

If you want to have resources that are specifically faith-based, check out the videos on WorshipHouseMedia’s site. They have both serious and funny videos that churches, children’s, and youth ministries often use. You can watch the videos for free on their site.

As you engage the historical story behind Thanksgiving, you might find many interesting ways to discuss faith based concepts.

You can talk about the community relationships and the gratitude at that first Thanksgiving with our relationships with others in our family and church today.  All of this would reference back to Acts 2 again very well.

So, as you can see, there is a cornucopia of opportunities to turn this Thanksgiving holiday into a significant opportunity for passing on faith from parents to children.  Like the delicious Thanksgiving meal itself, it just takes a little planning and preparation!


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