Creative Faith-Based Conversations for Thanksgiving, Part 2

(This is the second in a series of four posts.  See the original post here.)

2. Second, the family: Thanksgiving is full of family and loved ones gathering around for fellowship, remembering what God has done, and breaking bread together.

That sounds a lot like life in the
early church, specifically Acts 2:37-47. What a great chance to introduce your kids to the heart of the early church!

You could play Family Tree bingo where the kids have to match up names of family members with who belongs in each family.

Since the believers in Acts were so thankful, take a moment before praying for the meal and ask every family member to share one thing they are thankful for this year. (This would be a great addition to your family pre-meal prayers on a regular basis.)

If your family has had a recent death, divorce, job loss or family tragedy, this is also a good time of year to talk about how God can comfort us when we are in the midst of pain. A reference to Matthew 5:4 would fit this kind of conversation.


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