Post-It Notes, Evernote and Foamcore – creatively organized

If you know me at all, you know that I love to brainstorm.  Lists are boring and frustrating to me.  But mind maps liberate my mind to function at the highest level.

So, thanks to some people and companies, I am working with a new way to brainstorm, collaborate, get organized, etc.  It involves the new partnership between Post-It Notes and Evernote.  Then, I read a blog post about reusing old foam core boards.

I shared this with a few friends in an email.  I got such a great response I thought I would share with all of my friends in the cloud!

You know I’m an ideas person and my head is always in the cloud(s).  (which in today’s world has multiple meanings).
So, I wanted to share something with you.  (I’m excited at how this might work with open source technology.  See Wikipedia or Open Space World )
I believe I have already shared how excited I am at the new possibilities with the partnership between post-it notes and Evernote.  Here are some helpful articles if you haven’t used this yet.
Evernote partnership with Post-It
Digital Life for Post-Its with Evernote
CNET’s How-To Use Evernote Post-It Camera
And then I came across this article:
Foamcore, Post-Its & Evernote
And so I used all of these after a meeting with staff members about some changes we need to make in our student ministries center with regards to technology:
photo 1 photo 2
And this is what happens when you take the picture of these notes with the Post-It camera feature in Evernote:

Evernote Snapshot 20140127 142349Evernote Snapshot 20140127 142855Evernote Snapshot 20140127 142515Evernote Snapshot 20140127 142742

This is a fun new way to collaborate using some old, familiar tools, new technology, and reusing items that can now be repurposed.
So, what will you do with Post-It Notes and Evernote?

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