Family Game Night App: Heads Up!

(Special thanks to my friend in preteen ministry J.C. Thompson for sharing this resource with me.  You can find his blog at

There’s a new 99 cent app out that can make magic happen by allowing your family to actually use their electronic devices to bring them together for a night of family fun!

There is a video that comes on the first time you open the app explaining how to play.

From then on, you simply pick one of the included decks.  If you have young kids at home, I encourage downloading the free “Just for Kids” deck.

When you tap on the deck, it explains how to play that game, and another option to raise the difficulty if that would make it more fun for you.

New decks can be purchased for 99 cents each.

When you click “play”, you hold the iPhone or iPad up to your forehead to others can see the screen.

Everyone else can see the answer they are trying to get you to guess.

They give you clues while you try to guess.

Get it right, flick in down and back up for the next clue to pop up and to give you a point for the correct answer.

Stuck and can’t figure it out?  Flick it up and back down to pass.

A additional feature and fun-factor is that your device records video using the front-facing camera of everyone giving you clues!  So if that turns out to be hilarious, you can save a copy or share it on Facebook!

You can find out more about the app on Apple’s website here:!/id623592465?mt=8

I’m looking forward to playing this game with my family this weekend!  And you can be sure we’ll be playing this game at our 56 Game Night and 78 Game Nights this school year!

(for details on those, check out and

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