SmartEvents: Handling Payments

smartevents_mainscreen copy

We use SmartEvents for all of our online even registration at Mount Pleasant Christian Church.  You may have questions about making payments.  This article should help you with as much as we virtually can.  (This works best if you have already activated your account.)

The image above is the top of the main screen when you go to the main page of the MPCC SmartEvents account.

From here, you need to look in the top right corner at the little text that says “login”.


The most common mistake people make is clicking on the event title.  That is fine when you are registering for an event for the first time.  However, when you are making a second payment or paying off your balance, it makes things messy and confusing.  The little login in the top right is your friend.  Always go to him.

Once you click there, you’ll see this, the login screen:


This is a very important step.  It’s easy to get confused and mess this up, so please read carefully.

SmartEvents is setup so you can use the same email with different passwords to denote different family members.  For example, I use my email with one password that logs into my account.  I use the same email address and a different password and I now access my son’s account.  (This is a little confusing.  I have requested that the company modify the login setup.  But this is how it works right now.)

So, it is very important that after you register and activate your account, you remember which email address and password goes with which person.  If you forget, simply Email Me requesting it be reset.  Be sure to be specific about which family member you would like reset.  Then, I’ll reply to you with a reset email and password so you can login correctly for the correct person.  From there, you can change the password to something confidential.

If you don’t do this, you do what so many people have done.  You create a new account.  No information is saved for autofill.  It’s more work for you.  It’s annoying for me.  I have to go in and merge the different accounts into one.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see this screen.


In this example, I’ve logged into my son’s account, so that is why his name shows up in the top right.  Notice that next to events you now have a My Account tab; the top right shows which user you have logged in as; and the login tab has now changed to a logout.

From here, there is a list of events, if you have registered for more than one in the past.  You need to find the line with the event that has an outstanding balance due.  It will look something like this:


When you click on view you will be taken to a screen that has all your information related to this event registration.  It will look something like this:


You have found a goldmine here!  You can see in bold print how much money you still owe for the event:


Now you have two options.  This can be very simple or very frustrating.  Follow my advice and it’ll be simple.

You can simply click Paypal and pay online with your Paypal account.  Or, you can bring cash or a check to the church in an envelope with the registrant’s name on it and event name.  Paid.  Simple.  (By the way, here’s the best way to drop off payment or forms and make sure I get them in a way that is simple for all of us: Dropping Off Payment or Forms)

If you try to figure out a way to use your credit or debit card without Paypal, you’ll get frustrated.  We pay fees to SmartEvents for registration.  We also pay fees to Paypal.  In trying to keep costs down, we have not setup the church SmartEvents account to be able to accept credit or debit cards, because there would be an additional, high fee involved, which would increase the cost for our events.  So, that’s the reason we only are setup with Paypal for online payments.

As a side note, remember that at the bottom of this page, you can see a list of any forms that are required for this event.  If you need to submit any, they will show up similar to this.


You can click on each to get a pdf copy for you to fill out and submit.

Make sure when you are done, you click logout on the top right of the screen.

Now you know how to simply make a payment with SmartEvents.  (Cue the rainbow and theatrical soundtrack, along with applause!)

As always, please email me if you have any questions.  And remember, we do have four computer workstations setup in the Student Ministries Center that all can access SmartEvents.  If you need help working through registering for an event, setting up your SmartEvents account, resetting your email address and password, getting the forms you need, or making a payment, I’d be happy to walk you through it with an in-person tutorial!  Just email me to setup a time that is convenient for both of us.

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