Buffalo Wild Wings

(Part of my series on favorite food and eateries.)

mango habanero buffalo wild wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

During our time in Louisville, Kentucky, my wife worked at a bookstore next to a Buffalo Wild Wings.  I had never heard of the place before.  Thanks to her, I tasted BW3’s and continue to eat there on a regular basis today!  I have always loved the taste of wings but hated the mess.  Their boneless wings provide just what I’m looking for.

A few year ago, a student in my ministry at church stopped by a BW3’s and brought me in a take out box.  It smelled so good.  I couldn’t wait to open it up and enjoy the contents.  Instead, I opened the box to find out a very cruel prank had been played on me.  He had eaten his lunch and left me with the box containing nothing but a little leftover sauce and smells.  One day I will repay him for that gift.

I enjoy the variety of sauces and rubs you can get on your wings.  My current favorite sauce that I get almost every time I go is Mango Habanero.  My current favorite rub is Salt & Vinegar.  What’s your favorite?

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