Parents Partnering & Collaborating in Community


What if…

What if we used our online spaces to help us stay connected instead of get distracted?

What if parents who have a good thing going shared some of that wisdom and struggling parents were humble and brave enough to ask and receive that help?

What if the fifty-six and seventy8 Facebook pages could be those places? Maybe I could add some blogs for each ministry to compliment what is happening on social media, but make it more accessible outside of Facebook & Twitter.

What if we lent each other a hand so all of us parented better and our kids all benefitted from that collaboration?

Tell me your thoughts. Leave a comment here or email me. I’m looking for anything from subjects you’d like to see me blog about to questions you’d like to see other parents answer. You’re interaction helps shape this community. It may not be a national election, but you are still very important and you’re voice definitely matters! (No electoral college here.)

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9 thoughts on “Parents Partnering & Collaborating in Community

  1. I think this would be amazing. I am striving to do this in my ministry as well, so if you figure out the key to the entire thing please let me know. Until then I will keep trying. Never give up!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m reading a book on building an online community that is helpful. I believe the other thing I need to do is just write some of the things I’ve been thinking or even topics I’ve discussed with parents in person.

  2. Just get writing. If you’ve been doing ministry to youth and parents long enough you know the topics and things that parents are either wanting some tips on or affirmation that they’re doing well. My experience in trying to do this over the past 5 months is that it needs to be fairly simple and practical. Those are the posts that got the most views and feedback.

    1. That’s great feedback. Over the last few months, I’ve seen the same principles greatly improve readership, responses and interaction through parent emails I send out. Time to apply that to blogging.

  3. Love your vision, Mike! I agree with the comment “just start writing”. When I started Embracing Grace, I was very discouraged that it wasn’t generating a real online discussion, I had imagined a lot more interaction with the readers. But God has taught me that He is at work. He leads people to the site and speaks to them. Although there are few publicly posted responses, I do get the occasional e-mail that helps me know what to write next.

  4. Like Rachel I was a little discouraged with the lack of views much less the responses my blog was getting. The views now ebb and flow depending on when I post it when I notify people in my ministry and what I’ve written about but even some of the most viewed blogs have little to no replies but something even better happened. Instead of the conversation happening online in a collaborative manner I ended up having more conversations with people in person. It gave parents a reason to approach me, and more and more parents are starting to approach me about parenting issues because they appreciate the knowledge or wisdom they’ve seen in the posts (even though I’m a new parent myself). Just last week I was introduced to a mom who was visiting from another part of the country that had the blogs forwarded to them by the friend who attends my church. She wanted to make sure she met me while in town just to say thanks for what I had been writing. Do it man! Write away and though folks may not reply they will respond!

    1. Thanks! These are great reminders. You pointed out two things that are so important to me: 1) using the online tools to encourage & equip parents in my ministry, partly through sparking conversations we can have in person and 2) allowing the online tools to help others outside of my physical community in a similar way.

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