Birthday freebies

I need to start by thanking Rich Green. While working with him at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, I learned about many of the freebies connected to birthdays that I enjoy today! Thanks Man!!!

This is the first of what will be several posts on the “free stuff Mike found” series under the subcategory of “birthday freebies.”

A few tips:
Get on these as soon as you can. Some email deals out a month ahead of time. Others mail a physical card to you. You don’t want to miss out because you procrastinated.

Remember your loved ones. These offers are good for you, but even better when you can share them or make sure others enjoy these deals on their birthdays.

The first one is simple. A free drink from Starbucks on your birthday.

Here’s the link: Starbucks birthday reward

Here’s the explanation from their site:

Free drink on your birthday
Get a little extra birthday love with a free beverage on your big day.
How Do I get it?

To get your free birthday beverage, buy something at a participating Starbucks using your Starbucks Card within 12 months of your Card registration. You’ll find a birthday postcard in your mailbox about 3-7 days before your birthday. Bring that card to the store before the expiration date to cash in on your free drink.

So register a Starbucks gift card. Make a purchase. And be sure your correct birthday and mailing address are on file with your Starbucks Reward account.

Then look for the postcard the week before your birthday. Take it in to your local Starbucks. Enjoy any drink of your choice!

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