Student Drop-Off & Pick Up


Our Student Ministries Center doors and windows have a mirror tint on them.  This was added to help with the lighting inside the main arena of the Student Ministries Center.  During our services, sunlight, car headlights, and other light sources outside often beamed inside and caused a distraction in the midst of worship and teaching, for both us and the Video Venue service.

So, a mirror tint was added to the entrance doors and windows.  This has drastically reduced the light coming in and made a significant difference for the projection screens we use.

However, there are also some side-effects.

#1  Seeing in.

You now can not see in to know for sure if something is going on when you drop off your student or if they are waiting for you when you pull in to pick them up.

#2 Seeing out.

From the inside, when it is lighter inside the building than outside, it’s almost like looking through a fog.  Students can not see your vehicle until you pull up at the curb right in front of the doors.

#3 Lightbox posters.

You may have noticed that the tint prevents you from being able to see the three light boxes we used to have hanging in the entrance which showcased posters promoting our current teaching series, schedules and/or special events.


What this means for families:

#1 Student Drop-Off

When fifty-six or seventy8 is meeting, we open the doors 30 minutes before the service starts, (5:30pm for the 6pm service on Saturdays, 8:30am for the 9am service on Sundays).  Please be mindful and respectful of this.  We get here extra early to allow you time to drop off your student before heading to the main campus, especially if you need to drop off children in Bibleopolis.  Please respect us by not trying to drop anyone off before that 30 minute window.  We also recommend actually walking in with your student every once in a while to see what things look like inside.  Below is a picture of our Info. Wall.  This is where you can always find helpful information from our calendars to event cards and forms to recommended books, Bibles, etc.  If you are looking for something, it is worth your time to stop in and check here!


#2 Student Pick-Up

Our services end at 20 after, or 7:20pm on Saturdays and 10:20am on Sundays.  Although the main worship service time varies based on a number of reasons, our time remains constant.  When our main teaching and small group times are done, the students have a time of service work where they help clean-up and setup.  If the main service gets out early, please either be patient in waiting for your child or come on in and help us to speed things along.  What a great opportunity to serve with your child!

We have a strict policy in regards to electronics.  Students are welcome to bring devices in that they will use for the Bible app or to communicate with you before or after service.  If they are using their phone during a service or for a reason besides the Bible app, we take the device from them and a parent must come in to get it from us.  So, if you are trying to call or text your child to let them know you are waiting for them outside, know that he or she either may not have their phone or may have it off to be respectful of others during the service.  Your best bet is to park and come inside.  We understand this is sometimes difficult when you have other children so we do the best we can to have students watching for you.  However, remember that we are glad that they are here with their friends and having fun.  Please go easy on them if they are not waiting by the door to leave.

#3 Lightbox Posters

These can be seen in the windows on either side of the entrance.  The first one you see, to the right of the entrance, is for high school.


The other two on the left side of the entrance are for fifty-six and seventy8 respectively.


These are helpful tools to remind you when services meet and to know what we are teaching so you can be talking about it with your student.  Regardless of what happens with these, please check your email, our Facebook pages and our twitter accounts to be a well-connected parent with your child and either fifty-six or seventy8.  That also means checking your calendar, along with these resources, for dates when we have students worship with their family and friends in the main church services instead of separately in the Student Ministries Center.  We try to tweet reminders and post reminders on Facebook the week when these changes occur to remind you.  It’s much better to double-check one of these than to have your student get dropped off, only to have to walk across the street in the cold or rain because we are not meeting.

The Bottom Line

We love our Student Ministries Center.  And we love the convenience it offers to families, especially in regards to dropping-off and picking-up students for services.  The best advice we can give you is to somehow mark on your digital or paper family calendar the dates when we do not meet.  And then make sure you check our Facebook page or twitter account at some point during the week to make sure you are up to date on any changes.  Please remember to drop-off no earlier than 30 minutes before service time.  When you come to pick up, be patient, especially if the main service lets out early for some reason.  If you are able, park your vehicle and come inside to help us with our service work, setting a great example of humble service for your child.

We thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in our ministries.  The changes to our doors and windows are very helpful for our services, they just bring out the need to emphasize a few important points in regards to student drop-off and pick-up.

If you have any questions, here is where to find the information you need!

MPCC’s website page for fifty-six



fifty-six Facebook Page (doesn’t require Facebook account to view)



fifty-six Twitter Account (viewing is good, following so you automatically get sent our tweets is better!)



MPCC’s website page for seventy8



seventy8 Facebook Page (doesn’t require Facebook account to view)


seventy8 Twitter Account (viewing is good, following so you automatically get sent our tweets is better!)


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