Finding Forms with Smart Events

Now that we are doing so much online, it should be easier for you to get all you need for an upcoming event.  However, sometimes life online can be like going to the store.   Sometimes you know what you are looking for but have no idea where to find it.  Other times you know what you are looking for and where it was last time, but the store has moved everything around and now you’re lost again.

With SmartEvents, figuring out which forms you need for an event and getting those forms is simple once you learn the process.

The first thing you need to do is get the email SmartEvents automatically sends you when you register.  The phrase “registration confirmation” will be in the subject line.

In that email, scroll to the bottom.  You should see something like this:

  Click where it says “Click here for more details about your registration.”

This will take you directly to a page showing your “payment details” and “Registrant(s) Information.”

You are looking for the “Registrant(s) Information” section.  Look to the right side and you should see something like this:

  Now simply click on each of the underlined text links to the right of where it says “# forms needed:”.  A pdf document of that form will open in a browser window or download straight to your computer.

Now you print, fill out and submit them!

Of course, should things not go this smoothly and according to plan, contact me or the person in charge of your event to troubleshoot the problem and find a solution.  This process should work for any event on SmartEvents that requires you to get a form or document they have uploaded.


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