Mobile Mouse Pro – Ultimate iPhone/iPod Touch Remote/Trackpad

(This is part of my Technology and Ministry series.)

Thanks to FreeAppADay I downloaded Mobile Mouse Pro yesterday from the iTunes store.

Wow!!!  I’ve seen lots of physical remotes and some remote apps developed for use with your computer, but none are as full-featured and flexible as this app.

There are times in ministry where I’m teaching a group, large or small, and am accessing content on my computer to display on screen.  This app takes the frustration out of that process.

Sometimes, I just can’t communicate clearly or quickly enough to the volunteer running the computer what I want done, especially if I am changing something on the fly.  This app now makes that possible and easy over a Wi-Fi network.

I believe it normally costs $2, and that’s cheap.  However, for a limited time, they are offering this app free on the iTunes store.

There’s a short process of downloading the Mobile Mouse Server for your computer and configuring the connection.  However, once it is setup, it’s fun and functional.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Check out this demo video and then go download the app and try it on your iPod Touch or iPhone today!

Mobile Mouse Pro website

Mobile Mouse Pro App on iTunes Store

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