So good to see old friends!

This weekend I am leading our group of 7th-8th graders at a middle school/jr. high conference called believe. There are thousands of students here at Northern Kentucky University for this conference.

So I was totally surprised when David Kennedy comes up to me with Justin. Justin was a child when I was the Youth Minister at South Jefferson Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. (Valley Station, PRP!)

I also saw Lloyd, Molly, Chelsea and others who are new to the church. We surprised Justin’s mom, Betty, by going up to where the group was seated to see them.

All of these kids were so little . . . 7 years ago!!! It’s so good to see and hear what God is doing through the ministry of this church and to see middle school students who were young children during my days of ministry at South Jeff.

I got to hear encouraging, exciting stories of what God is doing through the Elders and Senior Minister and the whole church on the southwest side of Louisville.

If you’re reading this, please take some time to pray for this great church that is a significant part of my ministry experience and life story. They allowed me the opportunity to serve when I was fresh out of college and green as could be.

If you’re ever in the part of Louisville known as Valley Station, stop by this church and get to know the great people who hold a special place in my heart.

And remember that this is a small world and a big family when it comes to God’s church. This is why I like to say “see you later” instead of “good-bye.” There is no way I would have thought that almost a decade later in a huge arena I would get a reunion with some old friends. Keep your eyes open for old friends God may bring your way today.

See you later!


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